Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday round-up!

Here's the week in pictures.

It all started out with McGwire heading out the door for his CRCT tests at school. If he doesn't pass the tests, he won't pass the 3rd grade. No pressure there!!

It has been really pretty here and so we decided to take a few pictures outside with our pretty purple flowers in the background. I tried putting Lilah down on the grass closer to the flowerbed but she SCREAMED!!! Apparently she did not like the way the grass felt on her legs.

Here's a happy baby sometime in the middle of the week. She has been kinda fussy for a few days. 'Not sure why.

Here is the beautiful dress that Grandma sent to Lilah. She wore it to church today and looked like a little princess. She was sooooo wiggley at church today, like REALLY wiggley but was acting fine otherwise. She wasn't a bit fussy or disruptive, thank goodness!

And that's the end!! Have a great week!


LsuFan said...

Oh how cute!! I love the pink dress did my mom send that or your mom? Way to cute!! So how did McG do on his tests??? Im sure he has your brains and did absolutly wonderful but no pressure to do good to pass 3rd grade poor kid!! Lilah is growing up way to fast, but as cute as ever!!

Nancy Booth said...

That dress is beautiful and McG is so handsome. How did he do? Must have passed. I haven't heard different or do you know yet? I don't think any baby likes grass at first. Try dirt. They seem to like that just fine. Ha

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