Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Why do I even try??

Before clocking in for work at 5pm:

After clocking out at 11pm:

any questions???


Nancy Booth said...

Bless your heart Kelly. What a mess. The first pictures I didn't know what you were trying to prove but the others, well, I found out really quick what the point was. I'll pray for you.

LsuFan said...

I was sure you said you were going to post some pictures of Lilah for me today ahem I don't see any!!!

Jill said...
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jill said...

You're kidding!
Well, that is what my house looks like . . . most of the time. lol.
I am with your mom.
I will pray for you.

kayla said...

Wowsers!! All I can say is Tim should be praying after that mess!!
Men...they just don't get it... do they? Although, Joel would probably say that in our house, we're they ones that make a mess!!

gayleen said...

Wow! You're such a good wife/mom. I would so be beating Parkerboy if he left a mess like that for me.

Sarah said...

Ha!!! I'm cracking up! I soooo knew what the next pic was gonna bring. Oh, and FYI, Tanner isn't really 6...he'll be 7 in 24 days!!! Oh my baby is not a baby anymore.