Friday, August 29, 2008

Give that boy a gold star!

After a rough start this week and a rough finish of last week, McG got a much needed positive behavior note from his teacher. We are proud of him. Baby steps, right?

He even earned a 'free time' pass (whatever that means).

He's a mess, but we love him!


jill said...

Let's give that teacher a spelling lesson!

Ha ha - what does "dea" mean?

Way to go McG!!!!!

Sarah said...

Oh, I was soooo about to post exactly what Jill did!! Forget about McG....he'll be fine. It's the teacher we employee to teach our children that I'm worried about!!
Ya'll are too cute!!

gayleen said...

You gotta love boys! 3 more years of the vice principal calling me about Parker and then I'm done! Yipee!
Love ya girl!

Jensen Fam said...

I hope the teacher doesn't give any lessons on handwriting. Yikes!