Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas

We put our Christmas decorations up last weekend but are still working on the outside. Tim says we will have everything done and all the storage boxes put away by tonight. Let's hope that dream becomes my reality!!
We got Lilah her own Christmas tree this year. I bought a few boxes of ball ornaments and one Santa ornament since she is obsessed with him. She calls him "HoHo".
I'll have a chance to buy more ornaments as the years go by, mostly at after-Christmas clearance sales! ;)

McGwire set his Christmas tree up all by himself.

Here's a few scenes from around the house.

Here's one of our 3 Nativity sets and the new Nativity picture that tim gave me as an early Christmas gift. It is huge and beautiful and will be staying up year round!

A few of my favorite ornaments.

This is our "Brannon" ornament. When Tim and I saw it, it reminded us of Brannon and his ridiculous hats! haha

Lastly, here's a picture of one of my non-Christmas $6 monogrammed pillows that I got last week. I only bought 2 because that's all I could find. And I had to scrape the bottom of the barrel to find those two. It was like winning the lottery...a true Christmas miracle! haha


Sarah said...

I want that picture!!! I love Nativity Scenes. Kudos to Tim and my fave is that you will leave it up all year. Liz has one set up all year too. E and I were just at Costco and they have one I want and I just said to him "we'd keep it up all year"!!! Merry Christmas!!! Love you guys!!!

kayla said...

I love your Christmas stuff! The nativity picture is so great...I would love one too!! All of your ornamnents are so stinking cute too...I love Christmas...it's so worth all the hard work it takes to get everything up!