Monday, December 7, 2009

Jukebox Hero

McG tried out for chorus this year and we were thrilled that he made it!!
He had his first performance last Monday. They sang along as the dance team performed
"The N*utcracker".

"Yeah, I'm in the chorus, baby!!"

Doing hair and make up!

Ready to go.

Not so funny story:
Tim decided that he wasn't going to get good pictures where we were sitting so he left me there to go to the side of the auditorium to film and take pictures. He left me sitting with some CRAZY lady, but that's a different story!!
Anywho, A little girl was standing on a chair in front of me but I didn't mind since I could tilt my head a certain way and see McG just fine. I could have sworn he was looking right at me several times and I would smile and wave or give him a "thumbs up" but he wouldn't react or smile back. It got me thinking that he couldn't see me. He definately could see Tim, though. Sure enough, he didn't see me and thought that I wasn't there. Isn't that terrible?? He just assumed that I stayed home with Lilah!!! That absolutely broke my heart!! We had to go out for ice cream just to make ourselves feel better!!! :)


Bev said...

We are proud of you McGwire. You look very handsome. I hope i will see some video of the show.

Nancy Booth said...

I didn't know he had a performance. He looks so handsome and I'm sure he did great. Poor baby, didn't know you were there. Bless his heart.