Saturday, December 26, 2009

Our Christmas 2009

I just realized that this month marked the 2 year anniversary of our little family blog. It's getting hard trying to keep it updated but I realize that Grandmothers rely on it to see what's happening in their grandchildren's lives, so I'll keep chugging along.
We had a great Christmas. It was Lilah's first year to really know what's going on and get excited about opening presents.
McGwire put out carrots for the reindeer and cookies for santa. He also treated Santa to smore snowmen this year...complete with a carrot sliver for a nose!

McG woke us up at about 2AM, excited to see that Santa had come. I was not a bit amused so we sent him off telling him to open his stocking but to leave everything else alone. Tim threw in a "don't let me see your face again 'til 6 o'clock"!!

When Tim woke up at six to put the turkey in the roaster, he found McG sound asleep on the couch next to the presents!

After his daddy had to wake HIM up, McG was excited to be able to wake everyone else up....except Lilah. We wanted to be able to get our stuff out of the way before we let the tiger out of her cage.

McG got lots of gifts. Movies, games, nintendo dsi, hockey gidgets and even a nerf shooter. All sorts of stuff.

He also got a BB gun,


and a new hockey mask!

Brannon got his beloved sparkling grape juice,

a weird hat,

much needed socks and underwear,

a really cool pea coat, shirts and jeans,

a couple of movies and lots of other stuff.

After Lulu's traumatic visit to see Santa, we weren't too sure how she was going to react to the thought of him actually coming to her house, but she did pretty well.

Still sleepy.

She loves this present even before unwrapping it.
Inspecting the fine wrapping job.
She got llot's of stuff, including: fake food and dishes for her kitchen,

a cute teddy bear and pet fake hamsters,

an angel for her Christmas tree,

several puzzles and a couple of books
and a new baby doll!!

Later in the day, Lilah was seen loving on Daddy
(wearing one of Daddy's creations)

and playing on her new laptop.

Mac was surgically attatched to his new video game system,

Brannon was trying to escape his picture being taken,

and Tim watched his new movie on his christmas present!!

Me and Picky and Grampy got a few things as well this fine Christmas day but mananged to escape documentation from the camera!


Bev said...

your fireplace looks beautiful and your tree!!! Everything looks like fun. I guess McGwire is just like Tim was, waking up very very early and then he used to sing the alphabet song or Charlie Prides song "When the snakes crawl at night" to stay awake. those were the only 2 songs he knew by heart at age 3 !!! but he always got up early early early, even early for us!!!

Bev said...

i forgot to mention McGwires smores. they look very good.

kayla said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun! Wish we could have been empty house at Christmas just isn't that cheery! I love your decorations...the tree is awesome.

jill said...

I love your fireplace, too! I also love the nice gate around the tree. The year will come when you no longer have to put that gate up...anywhere. :) Remember these days well. It DOES look like Santa visited your house this year - he left a LOAD there! You all must have been extra good. :)

The next time McG makes smores - send some our way. They are way too cute.

Keep up the blogging - it is nice to see what goes on in your house! :)

You just need to post a photo of you cleaning!!