Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mad sewing skillz

Lilah was in desparate need of a monogrammed stocking this year and I was not willing to pay for one so I improvised. I found a cute stocking on someone's blog and decided to try to duplicate this persons craftiness. I liked the way it turned out but would hate to have anyone look too closely at it because it looks a whole lot better from afar!

Here's last weeks Sunday pictures. I am not sure if we'll be able to do pictures this Sunday or not since Tim is recovering!


Bev said...

great job on the stocking. Fabulous picture of you and Lilah. i would like a copy of that for a frame if you can send me one.

Nancy Booth said...

Kelly, that's a beautiful picture of you. Lilah is too but that is such a good one of you. The stocking looks professional.

kayla said...

You have some mad skillz girlfriend! I LOVE it! I have not seen this stocking on any of the blogs I go're holding out! ha ha. And oh my gosh, you are so skinny!! You look great...I'm totally jealous!

jill said...

WOWW!! Who is that hot Mama? :)
That really is an awesome photo of you (it is rare to see you on your own blog).
Way to go!!!
I love the stocking, by the way. You did a great job with it...and I can say that I've seen it up looks fabulous!
You rock!