Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hello...is anyone still out there?

I know, I know...I have a blog and I really should keep up with my posting. There is nothing "blogworthy" happening, really. Plus, I have to blog on Tim's computer which is upstairs and quite frankly, I am waaaaay too lazy to climb those stairs sometimes. That is the reason Lilah is still sleeping in a pack-and-play in our bedroom at nearly a year old. Is that something I shouldn't admit??

We have had several playdates over the past couple of weeks. Several swim dates with McGwire's friends and a couple with Lilah's friends too. Swim dates involve me having to clean the house AND the pool which is another reason I don't have time to blog. We also went to picky and Grampy's twice this month for the weekend. Other than that...nothing is going on!

Remember this dress that I made??

It has now transformed into this.

I love the monogram but paid way too much for it. My normal monogramming lady is busy getting her house to sell and I didn't want to bother her. I WILL be bothering her from now on.
Did you notice the "cage" in the background? We bought a play yard for Lilah. She hates it... we love it.
What Lilah does love is her big brother!

Speaking of dresses (were we speaking of dresses?)...I hit the mother load a few weeks ago at a consignment store here in Atlanta! I got 7 beautifully smocked bishop dresses for less than $100. Yes, you heard me correctly. Most were $8.99 and the most expensive one was $17.99. Crazy deal!! They are all different sizes so Lilah is set for several years.

Lastly, here is a picture of my baby girl with her face all bruised and battered. There is a happy story behind her bruises but I won't say what until we can get it on video. Any guesses?? Maybe tomorrow.


Nancy Booth said...

Welcome back and as usual I love these photos. Even tho I saw ya'll 2 weekends I can't see enough pictures.

LsuFan said...

You have caged my niece??? What the heck??? And I am thinking a bruise is a sign of walking??????

kayla said...

Whoo-hoo! The girl is BACK! We missed you! I can't believe how fast Lilah is growing...it's just crazy! She is so cute...and McG looks like he's an awesome big brother. Those dresses...deal of the century!!

Nancy Booth said...

I forgot to tell you that it's official now.....Lilah has more eyebrows than me. I could just cry. Does anyone have $400 so I can get some tatoo eyebrows. And, you better tell everyone why the bruises. Isufan guessed it. She tries to walk everywhere now.

Jade Photography said...

I think that is such a healthy addiction. :) You should never go anywhere else for monogramming you crazy woman, that is unhealthy. I am not as busy as you think and especially not so busy without your fun orders. Love the dresses! Jackpot! Where did you get those? A desperately needs a new church wardrobe. My poor kids just watch me make cute stuff for everyone else. I never get around to stuff for them! :)