Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!!!!!

It's actually almost the 5th of July so I'd better make this a quick post. We had a really good day today. We had friends over to swim and to swat the flies away during a BBQ picnic. Tim made ribs for the first time and they were delish!! Then we went to their house a few hours later after a well needed rest and then enjoyed a spectacular fireworks show in their backyard courtesy of cheap Walmart fireworks. The boys (young and old alike) had a blast playing with fire. Us girls sat back and enjoyed the show. Please enjoy a few shots of the festivities:

McGwire and Lilah look like they're witnessing a murder.

Baby's first 4th of July!!

Tim LOVES the 4th of July. He was having a blast with his redneck fireworks!

If anyone shouldn't be playing with fire, it's McGwire!

The blind leading the blind...or is it the dumb leading the dumb?

We had 911 on standby!

Me and lulabelle enjoying the show! Is it me or does this look like we're watching leaves burn?

The boys had a blast! They made sure to stomp out all of the firecracker as to not start a fire.

I can hear you all ooooing and awwwwing!

The three amigo's

I hope everyone had as much fun as we did today!!!


kayla said...

Fun pictures! You are a crack up (no pun intended!)as usual! We forgot our camera for our sadly, you will just have to imagine us in lawn chairs trying to eat steak off our laps!!
Oh and some German girls totally hit on Brannon! They asked him if he wanted to smoke with them!!

jill said...

I haven't checked your blog in . . . forever. I am glad that at least one of us is doing something good with our spare time. :)
Those are great photos.

Lilah's wardrobe . . . poor thing. She looks like a little hobo. That could be a cute Halloween costume. :)

McG's new gear . . . wow - he looks scary. How much space does all of that take? And you want to DOWNSIZE?!

The stairs and varnish chippings . . . yeah . . . they come with the territory. I doubt Lilah ate enough varnish to really do any damage, though. :)
Just wait until she disappears up the stairs and you have to go find her! Blog about THAT when it happens. :)

Happy Fourth to you, too!

Nancy Booth said...

Great pics. We sat on our lawn chairs and watched the neighbors and someone else's show. They were beautiful(if fireworks are beautiful) and someone behind us did a little show and I asked dad, "who's that back there playing Tim". I couldn't help but think of his $15 grand finale last year. Looks like ya'll had fun and I know Tim did. He makes things so exciting. Did they scare Lilah? Oh yes Kayla, did Brannon go smoke with them? haha And Kelly, you are a hoot. I enjoy your blogs as much or more than the pictures. You are soooo funny.