Monday, July 7, 2008

Summer fun!

McGwire had a playdate with his friend Merek last week and of course I took pictures. We lead a very boring life so I will blog about just about anything. It was very hot that day and so I sweated and smoldered because I refuse to wear shorts. Trust me...all of Atlanta thanks me for that small favor!

Here are the two putt putt experts.

Lilah looks like I was feeling.

Winning the trophy!

Lilah looks like I was feeling!

Cooling off in the bumber boats. The boys got SOAKING WET!!

Lilah looks like I was feeling!

Racing around the go kart track!

Did I mention that Lilah looks like I was feeling?? Hot and ready to leave!!haha No really, we had fun. It got us out of the house and let us visit with friends. That's always a good thing!


kayla said...

You're such a good mom! I'd be hiding in the air conditioned house with a Popsicle in my hand!
Love little Lilah's clothes! At least she looked cute when she was so miserable!!

LsuFan said...

Awww Lilah looks so cute!! She looks like she wants to get outta there and play herself!! I;m very jealous of the bumper boats those would be so much fun right now!!

Nancy Booth said...

Now everytime I see Lilah I'll think she looks like you feel. hahahaUmmmm. Looks like the kids had a great time, the older ones I mean. It is good when you have a nice place like that to take them.