Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mad About Monograms

It has become painfully apparent that I am obsessed with monograms. When I close my eyes at night I picture my initials on every pillow, jar, soap dispenser and shirt in my home. And don't even ask about what I picture Lilah's initials on. My question is...can you have too many monograms? I believe I already know the answer!

These are just MY initials. Lilah's initials are all over the place too.

I have a bathroom project for Tim this weekend that features......wait for it....OUR MONOGRAMS!! I hope he can get to it because I can't wait to put more initials up. I wonder if there is a 12 step program for this?


kayla said...

Okay...I hate you now!!!
Where did you get the plate? If you made a sister out and tell me how!! I'm totally obsessed with monograms IS a sickness....I say we just give into is to short to deprive ourselves!!

Nancy Booth said...

Oh my goodness! Two of you. I love the monograms too but you know me. Too lazy to do anything about it. Ya'll have at it. It does look really good.

LsuFan said...

Oh my goodness Kelly!! You need HELP and now!!