Thursday, July 10, 2008

WARNING!!! Long, boring, pointless post ahead!!

Tim is out of town and the kids and I are going up to NC for a few days so I thought I'd post a few pics because I know everyone just can't stand to not see pictures of my kids for too long!! We really are boring, I know. Brace yourselves!!

An open letter to Uncle JoJo from McGwire.

Dear Uncle JoJo,
(He made darn sure that I posted this!!!) haha

I found Lilah by the back door yelling for Tim. He was cooking on the grill and she was ready for some ribs!!

More hockey shots!

It seems that's all we ever do anymore is going to hockey games and hockey practice!!

Here's a picture from Spring season. McG is on the end and he looks like Goliath!

Here's a few from this season!

Here's his "softer" side.... with his Webkinz collection!!

I found this picture on Tims camera. (This is one of the best pictures of me..I look great when I'm cut out)

Here's Lilah in another same dress/age comparison. This is about a 3-4m age difference.


July: (I couldn't get a good shot of her without her sticking her tongue out...It's HUGE!!!!)

McGwire made a picture of Merek as "mustard art" (whatever that means). There's $3 of mustard Ill never get back!

I warned you!!! This was long, boring and TOTALLY pointless. I really need to get these kids out and somewhere exciting. We were supposed to go with Tim out of town to the beach but I brilliantly nixed that idea and opted for sitting around the house instead. I should have my head examined!!!


kayla said...

Saige would be very jealous of McG's webkins collection! I have almost identical pictures of Saige at Lilah's age in a little onesie looking out the window cute! Have fun with your parents.

LsuFan said...

Wow Kelly you turned down a trip away to the beach??? What I wouldnt do to goto the beach right about now!! The kids look great I love the one of Lilah banging on the door!! And is it just me or is McG the tallest one on his hockey team??

JPB said...

Dear Mac G,

ROCK ON!!!!!! Mac-G(money), that's hard core, Bro. I still lack the guts required to attempt any level higher than medium. Keep on rockin'!!!
P.S. Nice Webkinz collection.


Uncle JoJo

Nancy Booth said...

I don't understand what McG and Jo Jo are playing or whatever they're doing. Apparently McG is ahead now. Loved his hockey pictures and all the others too. I know you all was bored to death here with the old folks but you'll never know how much you being here meant to us. Why didn't McG bring some of his webkins? Lilah is so funny to watch. I could watch her all day and not get bored.

Jade Photography said...

Looks like fun at your house. Did J tell you? I am getting my own monogramming machine in a few days. Rock on!!