Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lilah hates (almost) everyone!!!

♥Seriously, the video speaks for itself!♥


kayla said...

Holy cow...this is the funniest video ever...she is such a hoot, I can't stand it! I'm sure your mom will love that she's one of the lucky ones! ha ha

Nancy Booth said...

I couldn't tell if she loved me or not. That is the cutest video. I love it. She IS a hoot.

jill said...

ha ha! I am so glad that she loves Jesus. lol. Your poor family - you'll need to delete that video when she is a teenager and really hates the whole world. lol.
Cute video.
AND, cute hearts around your caption. How'd you do that??

John and Brieanne Dabney said... least she loves Jesus! Hilarious! Thanks for the smile :)