Monday, May 25, 2009

camera shy

"Why do you insist on shoving that $#&*# camera in my face all of the time?"
"You do realize that you irritatate the heck out of me, don't you Mommy?!?"

"Come on!! Can't you see I don't like this?"

"Here!! You want a picture?? Here's your picture!!!"

"Happy now??"


LsuFan said...

Oh how awesome!! She sure lets her facial expressions show you how she really feels!!

Nancy Booth said...

Man! So glad I looked this morning. You come up with the cutest things, girl. I'm dying laughing especially with the nose pick. hahaha Made my day.

kayla said...

oh're so abusive with that child!!! She is hiliarious! The nose pick will become a classic!

Sarah said...

You are perfectly evil. That poor child will torment you for the rest of her natural life if you don't stop taking those pics of her and spreading them all over the net. I'd scream at you too.....oh haven't taken that binkie could she scream??? hahahahaha!!!!!