Wednesday, May 27, 2009

McGwire's big catch!

I know it's summer: day 6 but I needed to post about summer: day 2. (or as we like to affectionately call it...Summer horror: day 2!!!)

It all started Friday AM when Tim decided that he would take McGwire fishing. They gathered all of the equipment and poles and hooks....let's not forget the hooks!!!

Me and Lilah were resting and relaxing and happy to see the tail lights of Tims car disappearing in the distance. I hadn't even got the top off of my Hagen daz chocolate peanut buter ice cream when Tim called me with the bad news.

McGwire got a fish hook stuck in his shin!!!


Tim took him to the ED where they numbed him up, took the hook out, cleaned him up and gave us a rx for an antibiotic. Luckily, he did not require a tetanus booster since he had just recieved one a month or so ago when he stepped on a rusty nail!!!!

My poor little boy!

Tim's not a bit happy about another $100 co-pay!!

Mac's little hospital bracelet. He has quite the collection going!

The evil culprit!!!

The wound!!

The wound care instructions!

The wounded boy's little sister checking out the nasty wound!!

Ready to try again!!!

How many more days of summer are left??

We went to NC this weekend and McG wanted to stay there for a couple of days. I obliged but was a little ticked that my parents didn't offer to keep Lilah as well! The nerve!!

Anywho, McG will be home this afternoon so I am sure there will be plenty more kicks and giggles to report on in the next couple of weeks!


Sarah said...

I swear on my life....he and Sariah could have a ring that goes around the earth and back with those dang hospital bracelets!!! I'm glad Tim still has good ideas. :o) Fishing? Who fishes? :o)

Nancy Booth said...

Little quality time with the son, huh? Brace yourself 'cause the summer is long and hot. McG
is on his way home and we sure enjoyed him again. He is a good boy. I wouldn't have survived a day with Lilah but I love her to pieces. We enjoyed her the weekend tho. Question: How many old folks does it take to keep up with Lilah for an hour? She's a hoot.

kayla said...

Oh McG! My shin hurts just thinking about your "big catch"!
I hope you're healing nicely...make sure in the future you save those hooks for the fish!!

Jensen Fam said...

I just had to let you know:
1. the clothes in the box are ADORABLE - thank you!
2. The gifts were amazing - you are so flipping creative and good at finding cool stuff! The shirt is TO DIE FOR!!
3. Your husband is a smart guy - I can't wait to get some photoshop tips from him.
4. L's outfit tonight was pretty much the cutest thing I've ever seen and listening to her talk was just as cute. D did the same thing and it took me back to his super sweet baby days. I swear they could understand each other if they were the same age. :)
5. Tell McG thanks for playing with D all night - i can't tell you how many times he dragged him up the hill in the wagon and pushed him back down. What a stud!

Jill said...

Poor, poor, poor boy.
I think this'll be his "summer to remember."