Wednesday, May 20, 2009

School is officially over...and so is my life.

McGwire's last day of school was today. He came right in and played his 2nd annual concert of "School's Out" by Alice Cooper on Guitar Hero. Since I was sick and had to work, I didn't have anything special planned for him. I think he was OK though because he had his hockey team party and a fun time at scouts tonight plus he and Tim went to a movie at 10pm to celebrate!

His poor chapped lips. I didn't realize they looked so bad until this AM.

He got his report card too and got A's and B's again but take a looksy at this special little reward:

Honor Student!!!
We had no idea and were soooo excited for him!!!

Here's his school academic award certificate.

And this is his classroom certificate.

Now, this certificate is for being on the recycling team this year. He got to go around once a week to classrooms and collect their recycling bins.

I don't know who Mcguire Byrd is but it looks like Mac stole his certificate!! haha

Lastly, here is Mac's picture that was turned into a tile to put on the school's portrait wall.
'Looks just like him!!

I am so proud of my little boy. Now, let's just hope he doesn't drive me crazy before 5th grade starts!!!


LsuFan said...

Way to go on the honor roll McG I am SO proud of you!! Maybe next year the staff at the school will learn how to spell both your names!!! Love you Auntie Heather

kayla said...

Good Job McG! We are proud of you. Have a fun summer being free!

Nancy Booth said...

I am soooo proud of you Mcguire byrd or whoever you are. haha. You are doing top notch stuff this year. You keep it up, ya hear? Have a really fun summer. Hope your fish hook leg is OK. Caught yourself, huh?