Friday, May 22, 2009

We've been invaded by the army!

This was Summer: Day One's activities. McGwire played army men all day except for a quick lunch date with daddy.
Summer: Day Two's activities were much more exciting and dramatic. Stay tuned for more details!


Bev said...

I was laughing when i saw them. That was Tims worse thing to do with his friend at that age. Steven always wanted to play with the army men and Tim always wanted to play baseball and hated the army men!!

Jill said...

Nice play - he's getting ready for the military . . . he and Calvin can go in together.
About the photo with the army man up McG's nose: I would say, "poor McGwire", but really I am going to say, "Poor army man!"
I can't wait to see what exciting events summer brings to your house! Keep posting!

Nancy Booth said...

lol. McG can find the cutest things to do. I've never seen all these army men. Can't wait to see what fun you're having with him in a few weeks. He'll be making buckles on your straight jacket.