Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pea soup, anyone??

It's that time again!!!!

Time for the pool boy to suit up and get to cleaning!!!

Lilah is not bit happy about the green water!!!

It's day 11 and the water is still cloudy but McG, (my nephew) Kyle and Tim have been swimming several times already. Me and Lilah refuse to put even one big toe in there until we can see the bottom!!!! Wish us luck 'cause it sure is HOT here!!!!


Nancy Booth said...

Lilah is right! Ugggg.

LsuFan said...

Oh GROSS!! I was sure you said Tim was going to hire someone to clean that??? Guess that didn't happen huh!

The BirdHouse said...

He hired someone to get the debris out but this pic was taken in "clean" green water!

Jensen Fam said...

Um...yuck. Who is brave enough to get into something like that? Tell him thanks for the email and that I might need some logo help in the near future. Does he work for cookies?

Bev said...

i think it's time to be rid of the plug!!!