Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Scout camp. Day two!

I kept Liv for a few hours while Jill the Saint volunteered again at the camp. She is only 3 months older than Lilah but they are like night and day. Liv talks VERY well for her age and even speaks French. Lilah points to things and says UHHHHH!

"See Sister Bird, you just take this string and thread it through the blue circle. It's very fun and educational. c'est très facile"


"Come over here, Lilah!"

(I'll be translating for Lilah for the rest of the blog)

"No!! You come over here!!!!"

"Let's mess with my mom for a few moments and see how long it takes her to get a good picture of us."

"Liv, come on over here where it's not dangerous"

"So, you see Lilah, you just light the match and put the fire right here. I promise, nothing bad will happen."

"Lilah, put your hand right here and I promise I won't hit it!"


"Here! I'll push you for a minute."

"Now you push me for a minute."

"Um, where are you going?? Keep pushin' sister!!!"

"Liv, come here and see what a pretty shade of puke green the water is."

"Come on! I'll give ya 50 bucks if you jump in.

Mom, can I borrow 50 bucks?"

"There is no way I'm swimming in there this summer!! But can I still have the 50 bucks??"


kayla said...

You are one brave sista!! Two toddlers...whew! Does Lilah enjoy the company? I love the commentary!!

Nancy Booth said...

hahahahaha! Me too. How halarious! They are so cute together especially if they're saying the things you say they're saying. Too, Too, cute.

Jill said...

That has got to be the funniest post ever. I want to know where Liv's 50 bucks are!
It looks like they had a great time together. Thank you again so much for watching my little one!!!
I don't trust just anyone with my kids, so you KNOW you are on the "special list". lol.

LsuFan said...

Oh I am still laughing Kelly you give wonderful commentary! And I thought Tim hired someone to clean that gross pool?

Jensen Fam said...

That was hilarious! And just so you know - Eric translated Liv's 'french' the other day and we aren't so sure it's french. Sorry Jill. :) Her 'halloo' which sounds pretty french could easily be mistaken for the well known 'holla' used by punk teens today. The jury is still out on this one but Eric swears its ebonics. :)