Thursday, June 4, 2009

BFF Olivia's 2nd birthday

I don't actually have any pictures of Olivia but hey...this is MY blog!! haha

"I'll take that!"

"She can give me all the cake she wants but she ain't gettin' this present!"

...on the way to Liv's b'day party 2008

...on the way to Liv's b'day party 2009

Olivia's Aunt owns daintycouture where I get all my cool monogrammed gifts. She delivered some goodies that I ordered for baby Bodie and stuck a little surprise in the bag for Lilah, too!!

Pretty little monogrammed surprises are the best kind of surprises! Thanks Jan!!!


Nancy Booth said...

Lilah sure looks happy with Olivia's b'day present. How did you get her to give it up? Love that outfit and all the monogram outfits too. One year makes a lot of difference, huh? Lilah looks sooo young in last year's pic. Happy b'day Olivia. Sorry we didn't see your picture here.

LsuFan said...

Oh she is so cute and so grown up now!! Yeah how did you get the present out of her the look in the 1st 2 :) Thanks for the schooling advice this morning too!


kayla said...

Wow, how she has grown in a year...I love her little face...even when she is glaring at the camera!! Did she end up giving up her present?