Monday, June 1, 2009


This is what McGwire looks like after 6 hours of hockey tournaments!!!

Tim designed the jerseys.

Here's his Spring hockey league trophy.

We are taking a break from hockey for the summer. And by "break", I mean, only 3 more hockey tournaments, a week long hockey camp and a little boy begging his mom to go to the rink everyday to scrimage with his friends.


Nancy Booth said...

He do look beat! Love the jersey tho. I am so thankful McG found something he loves. Too bad it takes so much time but something has to take it, right? Congrats on the trouphy.

Bev said...

Congratulations on the Trophy McGwire. Watch for the UPS truck this week. There will be a surprise for you for getting such great grades at school

Hope you can come up to visit us this summer.

LsuFan said...

Love the shirt!! Congrats on the trophy!!

kayla said...

Good job McG...and Tim!!! Love the logo!
Good luck with your "break" Kelly...:o)

Jill said...

That is awesome - way to go McG!