Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Showing off Tim's talents!

I have to brag on my extremely talented husband for a few moments. He has saved me so much money on gift tags and stationary over the past couple of years but now his talents have shifted over to clothing.

I found a site that sells shirts with the cutest designs on them for $18 a piece. The designs were very simple so I assumed Tim could recreate them and sure enough he could. He made these up from "scratch". I found some cool iron on paper and we were able to recreate the shirts for pennies on the dollar. I messed up a little on a couple of Bodie's onsies but with a little more trial and error I will hopefully become an expert and Lilah's wardrobe will be springing with cuteness!!

Lilah absolutely despises getting her picture taken now. Seriously...HATES IT!!!! My camera takes so long to "snap" and so she usually is gone or turned around by the time it takes the picture. It's very frustrating!!!

I wanted to have a picture of her modeling her daddy's creations but this is the best I could do!!


Bev said...

they are really great Lilah is so cute.

He must have got his talent from his mom!!!

kayla said...

OHHHHHH Kelly! I'm so excited...Tim is my new hero...seriously...he needs to tutor Joel on this! I love the onesies soooo much! I can't wait to see them on our little guy...thank you, thank you, thank you, Timmy Boy! And could Lilah be any cuter???? I love the back of her!!

Jill said...

Those clothes are super cute! You should open a shop on etsy!!! :)

Nancy Booth said...

Tim is great. You should open a shop. Maybe you could quit that job you hate so much. Love the outfits and Lilah's back. Front's not bad either. She is soooo cute.