Saturday, September 4, 2010

Adventures in Potty Training

Somebody got a potty chair last year for her 2nd birthday.
That somebody scoffed at the fact that we had the audacity to even suggest she use the potty chair for anything other than a step stool or a tv lounger.
Somebody got panties for her 3rd birthday and come hell or high water~ somebody will be potty trained before her next birthday!!
Go on and bask in the cuteness of a baby girl in panties. I can't keep my hands off her little hiney...not in a bad way though!

We started the day after her birthday and I have to say, she did fairly well. She pee pee'd in the potty several times but she also pee'd in her panties twice and on her bedroom floor once. I consider that a success.
Since then, she has gone poop several times in the pot and continues to pee in it about every 30-45 minutes. That has me a little concerned because I am getting a tired of having to cheerlead and make a big production about it that many times in a day.
We have a few incentives to help her make the right pottying decisions.
Here she is with her popcycle incentive.

We also have M&M incentives as well. Pink and green, of course!!!

Tim's computer went belly up recently so we are living off a laptop and a work computer. I can't really blog on my work computer and I swear posting pictures on Tims laptop is worse than poking hot needles in my eyes. It took forever trying to get these 3 pictures loaded. My point in complaining is to say that I don't know when I will be able to blog about Lilah's b'day party. Hopefully we will figure something out soon though.


kayla said...

Yay for big girl panties!!! Hope things go well!!! I'm sad about your computer situation...hope it works out soon too...I want to see this B-day party!!

Katherine said...

I'll peepee in the big girl potty for some pink & green M&M's ;)

Nancy Booth said...

You are halarious! Bless your heart. I will continue to pray for your sanity during this special time in a little girl's life. If I had to potty train again I'd have to slit my wrist!

Anonymous said...

mmm put out a nice load for your little pee pee girl thanks Dad

Anonymous said...

such a doll.she looks so sweet i could eat her up.;)

Anonymous said...

I could sex with with ur kids