Sunday, September 5, 2010

Birthday Post: Take one

Mom and dad came down Monday night to celebrate Lilah's birthday and to help me get ready for her party.

This post is from our little family celebration. I will post her birthday party pictures as soon as I can find the time to load all of the pictures.

Tim made this birthday Banner for the party!

(I only keep him around because he's so good at my little projects!!♥)

She blew out all 3 candles on the first try!!

She loved all of her presents!!!

She got baby dolls, HelloKitty and Spongebob action figures and panties from us.

She got a cute August Princess picture frame and a laughing dog from Grandma and Grandpap Rex

And a bicycle from Picky and Tom.

It was a sweet and happy pre-birthday indeed!


kayla said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LILAH! What a sweet party! I super duper love the banner Tim made...soooo cute!
Looks like Lilah made a good haul!!
Give her a big b-day kiss from us!

Nancy Booth said...

She was sooo excited. I love the expressions on her face. We enjoyed that pre birthday party more than you'll know.