Saturday, September 11, 2010

Another Scout Campout

McG had another scout campout a couple of weeks ago. I won't bore you with the gazillion pictures of other people's kids that Tim took but here are a few of pics our kids.

McG made a bat house. Bats freak me out. I don't want a house of them in my yard, but what the heck?!?!

Just looking at it gives me the creeps, but didn't he do a great job??

I had to work that weekend so Tim took Lulu with him for the camp set up and then brought her home at bedtime. He said she ran around like a madwoman terrorizing everybody.

'Can't imagine that.


Nancy Booth said...

That boy is going to be so dang smart if he keeps up this scout stuff. I'm like you tho, I wouldn't even want a bat cage on my property. But he did do a fantastic job. Will he go and clean it out occasionally? Ickkkkk!

LsuFan said...

You wouldn't complain much if you knew that the bats eat misquitos!!!!

kayla said...

Wait....they make boxes to ATTRACT bats?????? Who knew? ha ha
But, good job's looking sharp!