Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Party of the century

It took nearly all morning, but I was able to load up some party pictures once Tim hooked up the mouse for me to use with his laptop. Thank goodness for technology!

Here's the birthday girl looking like a 3 year old.

I took this shot of waking her up the morning of her 3rd birthday.

And for your information: Yes, she IS wearing diapers and sucking a pacifier as a 3 year old.

SUE ME!!!!

Here's Big Brother waking up as a 11y 7 month old!

Here's his nasty room that he should be ashamed of.

Here's a shot of the party favors. I got bold and decided to bake sugar cookies with the kid's initials on them.

Won't be doing that again!!!!

Too much work!!!

They started out like this,

(BTW, they're party hats, if you were wondering)

Here are the girl ones.

Here are the boy ones.

Here are one's I made extra for siblings.

Certainly not bakery material but not too shabby for a novice either. right??

Tim did a great job on the tags, as usual!

I found the cutest little lollipop tree idea on a blog somewhere and had to copy it. Theirs was black and yellow since the party was bumblebee themed. I made mine in pink and green.

It looked way cuter in person, I promise.

I went with cupcakes again this year and was not thrilled with how they looked...

but what could I expect from a grocery store bakery??

At least the cupcake toppers looked good, thanks to Tim again!

I LOOOOOVED Bodie's little brown and white polka dot balloons so I was thrilled to find these green ones in the local party store!!

Here's some shots of the grub!

I found a little 3 year old theif stealing some chips!!

I opted for a pinata instead of games. The kids seemed to have fun just playing with Lilah's toys, thank goodness. They didn't quite know what to make of the pinate but enjoyed grabbing the candy nonetheless.

Poor Lilah was exhausted after all that running around and was sad to see Picky and Tom go.

I was all too happy to put her down for her nap, though!

Well, that's about it in a nutshell. It's over and I swear next year's party will be a McDonalds!!


kayla said...

Kelly, Kelly, Kelly!!! I love EVERYTHING! I love how you did the table...it looked awesome! And the lollipop tree...sigh!!! Sooooo stinking cute! I just about died when I saw the sugar cookies...monogrammed????? You go girl!! Loved the tags, loved the ribbon, loved the balloons, and loved little Lilah!! Great Job Kelly! It definitely WAS the party of the century!

Nancy Booth said...

It sure was, Kayla. And you know, with all those kids (we took McGwire and got the sheep out of Dodge) when we got back the house was still in one piece and looked great! Everything was just perfect. I can't believe Kelly and you (and Tim) go to so much trouble for a kiddie b'day party but I would love to come to one of these as a kid. Makes me want to cry when I think about my own kid's birthdays. What a sorry mom!