Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Apple of My Eye

Last week, I had a hankerin' for some cheesecake.

So, like any good husband would do,Tim went out and bought apples to make me an apple pie.

(Yes, you read that correctly)

He was so excited to get to work messing up my kitchen!

He used to make a whole lot of apples pies on his mission, so he had plenty of experience messing up kitchens AND making pies.

Apparently, apple pie is not on many Brazillian's dessert menus, so they were thrilled when the missionaries made one for them.

He got to work right away and made his way around the kitchen like he owned the place! He made everything look easy, but I was pretty much in awe of his crust making skills~ that's for sure.

I helped him peel the apples but that's as far as I went.
I would have helped him out a little more, had I ever attempted to make a homemade apple pie before, but since the closest thing to making an apple pie that I've ever come to was throwing a Marie Calendar's in the oven, I found it better to just let him be.

Can't you just smell the warm apple and cinnamon aroma??

Since we had a butt-load of apples, Tim made 2 extra pies for a couple of our good friends just in case they had a hankerin' for some cheesecake as well!!!

They got store bought crust, though.

My husband certainly is a man of many talents!♥


kayla said...

Wow, I wish MY hubby would make me an apple pie when I'm craving cheesecake!! The pie looks beautiful...he's got some mad baking skills! Luckeeeee

Nancy Booth said...

This is too funny. Tim did a great job on these pie's looks. Me and Mr. Edwards never made pies that good looking. Did they taste as good as they looked? Did they taste like cheesecake? Is Lilah still eating apples? Inquiring minds want to know.

LsuFan said...

Hell I can't even make a freaking pie crust!! But I do make a dang good apple pie on my roommates homemade crust!!

Shelly said...

Looks delicious! Love how you told the story of the cheesecake. It is nice to have wonderful husbands.

savita said...
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