Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Horsemanship merit badge

Late last week McGwire spent a few hours with a friend of ours from church and her 2 horses so she could help him earn his horsemanship merit badge. Me and Lilah tagged along and had so much fun learning about her beautiful horses.

McGwire learned a lot about how to act around horses and how to care for them.

He learned how to brush the horse...

... how to saddle the horse.... to mount the horse... to ride the horse.... to clean the horse's hooves...

...and how to make the horse do tricks!!!

Not to be outdone, Lilah made darn sure she got to ride the horse too!!

We certainly had loads of fun and learned a lot too!


LsuFan said...

So cute!! I seriously can't believe how big Lilah is getting!! McG you look like you had tons of fun :) Congrats on another badge!!

Nancy Booth said...

Congratulation McG. Emily would be jealous. Those kids look great on the back of a horse. I know they had fun.