Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What you missed

Here's a little of what we were up to during our little blog hiatus:

McGwire and Tim went on a 14 mile hike with the scouts at Stone Mountain.

...and lived to tell about it!

McGwire is on the middle school hockey team.

Tim's coaching the middle school hockey team.

McGwire lost a tooth

..but is still cute!

Lilah thought her tooth was loose as well.

BTW, it was not loose, much to her disappointment!

Tim made some really awesome sushi!!

Tim also fixed the computer!!

Lilah is back on the pacifier!

McGwire hates homeschooling!

Lilah learned to ride her bike!!

And then there was our general mischief as usual!

So that's been the past 2 months in a nutshell.


LsuFan said...

You know some Orthodontist is going to make a killing on that girls mouth!!! Love the pics....they are getting to big way to fast!! Good thing April is just around the corner

Nancy Booth said...

I'm dead just thinking about Tim and McG's 14 mile walk. I'm proud of them. I hope that tooth was suppose to come out. Poor Lilah, no teeth missing. I loved the pictures and welcome back. I missed you.

kayla said...

14 miles???? UGH, kudos to Tim and McGwire! I'd be dead after the first mile...ha ha! Welcome back...we misssssed you!