Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weeeee're Baaaaack!!!!!

Yes, I realize it has been over 2 full months since I last blogged. In my defense, other than pure laziness, I went some weeks without a camera and another few weeks without a computer. That, along with homeschooling and keeping up with Lilah, housework and my paying job, is enough to push me over the edge. It's a wonder I'm not in the fetal position off in some remote corner of the house.
In other words,
Stop complaining about the blog not being updated!!!haha
I figured I'd start off with an oldie but goodie:
Sunday Pics

There's lots more where this came from.

Check back often this week and you'll be sure to be up to date on us again!


LsuFan said...

OHHHHHHH I absolutly LOVE that sweater dress Lilah is wearing!! I have one in my size obviously and love it. She looks so totally adorable!

kayla said...

Whoooooo hooooooo...I'm so glad you're baaaaaack!!!! You guys look fabulous! I, too, love Lilah's dress.....sweater dresses are my favorite! Wish I could get away with wearing one! Just so you know, our expectations are super HIGH for posts...ha ha!

LsuFan said...

Kayla...that is why they make spanx so you can get away with wearing sweater dresses and lots of other things haha

Nancy Booth said...

What a handsome family you make. I'm so proud of all of you. I liked the dress too but had no clue it was a sweater dress. I'm so behind the times.