Friday, November 26, 2010

St Simon's Trip

Everyone on FaceBook has seen these pictures but I wanted Grandma to see them as well, so this post is really for her!

Tim's company has been very, very good to us!
The latest perk was a free trip to St. Simon's island. Actually, it was a nice vacation for me and the kids...Tim was basically busy all weekend with his work seminars.

Here's the resort where we stayed.

Our room is in the top far right corner.

As soon as we got there and got settled, Tim had to set up for some meeetings and of course go to his fancy company dinner so I got fast food for the kids and then took them swimming in the heated pool.

The next morning we all had a nice breakast and after Tim left for his meetings, we went to the beach!

After a few hours on the beach, we (meaning the kids and I) had a nice lunch poolside. We did see Tim breifly and he even took us to get our food.

Tim had another fancy dinner with his co workers that night so I took the kids out for dinner and they went night swimming again.

The next day, Tim and McG went to breakfast and later while Tim was at yet another meeting, I took the kids to the beach again for a little while, then they splashed around in the freezing cold swimming pool as well!

We met Tim for lunch after his meetings were over so we were at least able to spend a little time with him on our vacation.

Here's a sunrise view from the hotel room!

The kids enjoying the view!

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Nancy Booth said...

Loved all the pictures. I know ya'll had a great time. Looks like it anyway. Thanks for posting. I'm jealous and I'll bet Tim is too. haha