Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!!

The pre Easter bath!!!!

McGwire started sleeping in his closet sometime last week. Should I be worried?? He asked me if I could keep a secret, and I lied and said "yes". Then he told me that he'd been sleeping in his closet. When I asked why, he just said "because I want to". Does anyone have any idea how much money therapy will set us back??
Here's the loot the night before. BTW, we didn't say anything this year about the"easter bunny" and so I thought McG forgot that he was gonna get a basket. I put them down in the kitchen instead of outside of his bedroom door. Apparently he woke up looking for it and when he didn't find it he came in our room to see what the heck was going on!! Today while Tim was at his meetings, Mac and I had "the talk" about the easter bunny and today is the sad/happy day that he realized that me and daddy were the easter bunny. We didn't discuss the fat jolly guy yet. Mac with his loot! Nevermind how messy the living room is. I had to work last night. Enough said!!!
Here's Lilah and her loot. Notice her grasping onto that Reese's peanut butter egg for dear life. That's my girl!

Ready for church!!!
Lilah's dress is monogrammed (sp) but it's so light you can't see it. That's my luck...I waste so much money!
Daddy and Lilah belle!
My little family!

Tim's little family!

" And we have seen and do testify that the Father sent the Son to be the Savior of the world". 1 John 4:14. We are humbled by the gifts our Savior gave to us.
We hope you all have a great day!


Nancy Booth said...

What great photos! Happy
Easter to you all especially McG. The nerve of you!!!! If he can't figure the fat jolly man out after the Easter Bunny lie and he sleeps in his closet, then you had better save up for therapy. I feel bad for him. Lilah's first Easter. she is so cute with her basket. I love these pics. All of you look great.

Jill said...

You had "the talk"!?! What?? You better tell Mac that Calvin still CHOOSES to believe in the wonder of it all, got it?

BTW, update your site, will ya?

kayla said...

Awesome pictures! I love the easter baskets, we can't find anything cute like that over here.
It actually looks like spring there...I'm so envious, it's snowing here! I'm glad you guys had a great Easter, even if you dropped the bomb on McG!! Saige just gives me that look, like "I know, but I'll let you keep pretending"!!

John and Brieanne Dabney said...

I cracked up when you said you lied - what a bad mom! I hope poor McGwire doesn't see those embarassing pictures. Cute pictures though

Jensen Family said...

So you blog afterall! Glad to have someone else to stalk, besides J. :) Cute cute cute pictures. Love L's dress. Send me your monogramming desires in the future. At least mine will be visible. :) Oh and I got all your bib supplies - they are going to be oh so cute as soon as I get time to work on them. Patience.....