Wednesday, March 12, 2008

In other Hockey news, McGwire is on the DL list!

McGwire and his friend were playing hockey in the garage (where most hockey accidents take place of course) and his friend hit a puck that mcG blocked quite nicely....with his CHIN!!!! He wasn't wearing his helmet /face guard even though we were just talking about how hockey players have no teeth because of the same type of injuries (just ask Uncle JoJo). Hopefully lesson was learned. It looks horrible today but don't look too bad in the picture.

He'll stick to playing inside the house where it's safe!?!?!


Jill said...

Yikes! That chin doesn't look so good. I am sure, though, that it was quite the battle would to show off at school, huh? :)

Nancy Booth said...

How is the battle scar? Is it well yet?