Thursday, March 13, 2008

If a picture is worth 1000 words, then this post says about 10,000 things!

I don't think anyone else sees this blog other than family and Jill (who's just about family...awwww) but just in case anyone else comes across this blog and thinks that I am obsessed with my kids.....I am !! No, I'm not. This blog is for grandparents who live far away and are thrilled to see pics of the kids. You guys are thrilled, right??

Here is my precious son on his way to school this AM. It's spring picture day at school and if they think I'm gonna pay $30 for pictures of McGwire, they're out of their minds!

Here's my handsome husband on the way to the Atlanta Home show where he has put together his company's booth. He has worked so hard on this project and it seems like things are gonna run smoothly.

Here's my precious son AND my handsome husband!

Here's a picture of my adorable daughter. (am I making you sick yet?)

Here's another one!And another...

Here's my adorable daughter on a different day! (p.s. Whoever said that people don't take as many pictures of their 2nd kids never had a digital camera!)

Here's my precious son on a different day!

Here's my precious son and adorable daughter together on a different day.

Here they are again! Can you hardly stand it?

That's all for this week unless I get a wild hair. I am just about sick of looking at pictures of my children! Of course, I like looking at the real thing. I'm sorry that y'all can't!

We love you guys!


LsuFan said...

OMG Kelly!! SO dang cute!!! I absolutly LOVE the 2nd last one of Lilah alone tooo cute for words!! Mcgwire is turning into such a handsome young man and growing up way to fast!!! I really need to get out there and see them heck mcgwire hasnt seen me since he was a baby and poor lil Lilah hasn't even met her auntie heather yet!!

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to blog again. If it takes, I love the pictures of your precious family. I miss those kids already and I just saw them. These pictures make me want to see them more often. Mom

Jill said...

What cute and adorable kids. How lovely are they? I can't remember the last time I saw cuter kids. I think your precious children should be in magazines across the world. Thank you for sharing such perfect little angels with us! :)~