Saturday, March 29, 2008

Pinewood Derby

The pine wood derby was today. Mac was in trouble so he didn't make a car this year but that didn't stop him from actually racing. A guy from our ward had a few extra cars there and he gave one to McGwire to race. So why do we even try to punish him?? Who knows!!

Getting ready to go. This was before he knew he was actually going to have a good time!

Here's Lilah before she knew she was gonna have a good time too! I had several babysitters there to help out (thank goodness)! In fact, I don't think I held her the whole time. I was in charge of snacks so I had my hands full as it was!! .... by "I was in charge of snacks" I mean I put muffins on a plate and poured juice and milk for people. I'm just saying.....

Here's McG and a friend making a mess in the church kitchen.

Yep, that's my boy!!!

Here are the cute little cheerleaders! Olivia, Kylee and Lilah. Say that fast 3 times!

Olivia gave up!


LsuFan said...

Ok so 1st off why was my darling nephew in trouble??? What on earth could that sweet little boy have done hahaha!!! And 2nd little Lilah is sooo dang cute....and those other 2 cheerleaders are almost as cute!!! Keep the pictures coming.../I think I can actually download them on my phone so I can have some cool new wallpaper there hehehe!!!

Bev said...

Tim used to have that exact same look when he was mad!!

love the cheerleaders

Nancy Booth said...

Well, what did the punished boy come in, in the race? Even if there hadn't been extra cars there he would have had fun when the pizza arrived. Those cheerleaders are precious. They seemed to be having fun, except the one that exited.

Jensen Family said...

Cute pics of the girls! They look like they are in shock looking at the camera. :)