Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Come on in, the water's fine!!

Dont adjust your computer screen. That really is the color of the water. I wish I could have posted the true "before" pics, but here is the "during" and as soon as the "after" pictures are able to be taken, I'll post plenty of those. Anyone up for a swim??
Don't have any sympathy for Tim. He bought a pool cover 2 years ago to avoid this situation but it is still nice and fresh inside it's box!

Here is a picture of one of the many piles of gunk he fished out. Yummy!!

Mac has been a big help. Here he is at his normal station near the pump. He is in charge of turning it on and off when it gets clogged with junk as daddy is vacuuming.

Here's a close up of mac hard at work!

And one more shot of the pool boy!!


Nancy Booth said...

Since Lilah is standing in the car, is it hard to get her in her car seat? Surely Tim will get that cover out next year. Man, what a mess. McG looks like he's a hard worker. Can't say he doesn't read. He's so smart.

LsuFan said...

Ewww did my brother catch anything while in that nasty looking water? So gross!! I can't believe how big Lilah is getting!!! And McG you are SUCH a wonderful help hehehe

jill said...

I hope he scrubbed his body WELL after that mess.
I am very anxious for the "after" pictures!!

kayla said...

So, you may want to put Tim on some antibiotics...just to be on the safe side!!