Monday, May 26, 2008

Don't hate me 'cause I'm crafty!!

Tim's mom and step dad are visiting this weekend for the holiday. His mom is teaching me a little bit about sewing and quilting. I found a cute dress pattern for Lilah and with a little help from Bev, made her 2 dresses. She didn't need 2 dresses, mind you, but she sure got 'em!!!

The pattern~

The material~

The evidence~

The finished product~

Here's dress #2 in the middle of being "created". It's not quite finished yet.

Bev taught me how to make these cute little quilted "mug rugs" (that's "coaster" for all of you non crafty folks). They are too cute and way easy to make!!!


kayla said...

Too cool! The dress is adorable...great fabric! And I do hate you, because I sooooo can't sew!! I wish I could.

LsuFan said...

Wow Kelly I am so impressed that you have learned to sew it's about dang time!! What a better teacher then my mom...I learned just about all I know about sewing from her!!

Nancy Booth said...

Don't hate me because I didn't teach you to sew, my talented daughter. I am so impressed with you. Thank you Bev. It's a shame that Lilah hates it in that first pic. Guess she might as well get use to trying on things now that you're so talented (in the second pic).

Anonymous said...

Just so everyone knows we are setting up a sweatshop now to start mass production....You better get your orders in now cause these things are going to sell out fast!!!!

JILL said...

are you . . . um . . . trying to put out of business???
Those dresses are sooo cute!
I never knew you could be so crafty. You never cease to amaze me.
Now . . . if we could only teach you to cook . . .

AND, I will be expecting some mug rugs around Christmas time, just so ya know.