Saturday, May 17, 2008

Tales from the deck

Tim and McG started to clean the pool today so Lilah and I went outside for a photo op. The cleaning part was boring so I opted for a few pics of Lilah instead.


Nancy Booth said...

If looks could kill in that 3rd picture. Wow! Is she still pulling up by herself? I'm anxious to see if she likes the pool when you put her in it.

LsuFan said...

Oh my she has some looks like her auntie heather does hehehe especially in picture 3 love it!! She is getting so big and way to fast!!!

kayla said...

She is so cute in her Ralph Lauren....Uncle JoJo is so proud!
The third picture ROCKS! What a cutie! And boy are we jealous about the pool! And the SUN! I'm afraid we aren't going to see much this summer!

jill said...

I can totally see Mc in her!! AND, what was she so mad about in the one picture. Sheesh. :)

Nowww, post some photos of the pool. We need something that looks like summer here!!!