Saturday, May 17, 2008

End of the school year already??...YIKES!!

McGwire's last day of school is Wednesday. That went by too fast!! What in the world am I gonna do with him all summer? HEEEEELP!!!!

Here are a few pics from his "end of the year" beach party yesterday. They ate pizza and cookies and played some games. They also got a sand bucket and shovel filled with candy as a party favor. They all seemed to have alot of fun.


Nancy Booth said...

Looks like Lilah had a good time at the party too. I know McGwire is so excited. Looks like they're all having fun. Next Wed., huh? Life as you know it is over then.

LsuFan said...

Wow they still have until the 30th here before school lets out!! But you can always send McG to Utah to hang out with me!!! Oh yeah and little lilah too hehe

kayla said...

Okay, Kelly...I love that McGwire and Lilah are wearing coordinating clothes!! I love you!
They are so cute! I totally have tons of bows for Lilah...Saige officially doesn't want to wear them anymore...I guess I have to let her grow up!