Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Schoooool's Oooooooout for Summer!!!

Today was McG's last official day of school. I checked him out early and took him to lunch. When we came home he went directly upstairs and played the old Alice Cooper classic "school's Out" on Guitar Hero!! He cracks me up!!!

Here he is standing in front of his old school for the very last time! He will start 4th grade in a brand new school this fall.

We went for lunch at the restraunt of his choice. Unfortunately, his choice was Waffle House!!

Lilah enjoyed a few small bites of a waffle and hash browns (smothered and scattered, of course) and chewed on a spoon.

And here is the brand new 4th grader with his report card. Lots of "A"s and a few "B"s and several "S"s.

Side note #1: Here is McG's hockey trophy. His team was the number 2 team in the league. His last game was yesterday. He gets a few days off before his hockey camp starts and then summer league begins! HEEEEEELP!!!

side note #2: I am proud of my newest wall expression and had to share.
Yep, I you???


Nancy Booth said...

Oh, I'll bet McG is so excited to get out of school. Waffle House??? I didn't know he knew what that was. Is Lilah eating real food now? Congrats on # 2 team and report card. Way to go, my man. Love your new picture of Christ. I'm jealous.

LsuFan said...

I love your new wall decorations Kelly they are great!! McG congrats on that wonderful report card and yummy waffle house or as we used to call in house of waffle!! I like that place too hehe!! Congrats on the #2 hockey team wtg buddy!!

kayla said...

You are so good about documenting these special days with your kids! I love that he picked Waffle House! And, Lilah's shirt???? I LOVE it! I love the picture of Christ with the vinyl is awesome and one I haven't seen beans.