Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hockey, Hats and Hacking





Nancy Booth said...

Now those are 2 good looking kids if I do say so myself. What a cute hat for Lilah. Now McGwire nor Lilah smiles in photos, huh? They are both so precious and good kids.

LsuFan said...

Awwww Lilah is SO cute Im suprised she will wear a hat I absolutly love it!! I didnt know McG had asthma too poor kid has the curse!!! I hope he can grow out of it!!

jill said...

Those poor prune feet! She looks as though she is about 90 years old. ha ha!
That water DOES look inviting!
Now, for a video of her crawling . . . or of Mc swimming . . . something! :)

kayla said...

I love the hat...she is too cute! And poor McG...that stinks! Hope he feels better.