Monday, June 30, 2008

I once was lost, but now I'm found...

I have been on a temporary blogging hiatus but am back now. It has been a crazy month with visitors, cub scout camp, my work schedule, Tim going out of town and us going up to mom and dad's....JUST NUTZ!!!! But, I'm back and am here to report that there is NOTHING to report. Here's what you missed:

McGwire got new hockey gear~ Tim spent months comparison shopping and browsing hockey sites trying to find the best prices for pads and equipment for McG. Let's just say that all of his hard work paid off. We saved hundreds (yes, hundreds) of dollars.

Lilah is neglected and needs a new wardrobe~ Poor Lilah has holes in her clothes. Is this not the most pitiful thing you've ever seen?

My life is officially over~ Look who I found climbing up the stairs? luckily I had the camera handy to document the occasion. She was not a bit happy about me trying to get her down!

Hey baby, McGwire's your handyman~ One of the projects at scout camp this year was building a toolbox. McG didn't finish his at camp so he brought it home to finish. Tim was out of town for a few days and one night while I was working, McG got his daddy's tools out and finished his toolbox. He decided he wanted to give it to Tim. How sweet!! Let's hope Tim is up to date on his tetanus immunization!!

Lilah has 6 teeth and she ain't afraid to use them~ She is sharpening her fangs on every piece of furniture in the house. Our coffee table is shredded in several places. At least she's getting plenty of fiber!!

Baby's got a new pair of shoes~ Well 2 new pair, actually. we went to Target to buy Mac some new sneakers but I wasn't about to pay $30 for cheap Target brand sneakers!! HELLO!?!?!? So we bought 2 pairs of cheap shoes for less than the sneakers would have cost. I love the plaid slip ons and he loves the "crocs". Bless his heart...he doesn't realize that they aren't the real crocs. Let the boy dream!!

Lilah is officially a 10 month old~ Can you even believe it?? 10 months? Crazy!!

Well, that's about it. I didn't take any pictures of scout camp. I'm hoping that it was all a bad dream and that it didn't really happen if it wasn't documented on film.


JPB said...

Unreal what Lilah's doing to the coffee table. It is funny though, my lab did the same thing on the bottom of the legs. Tell Mac, "That's some sweet hockey gear", for me. We've been missing the updates...welcome back.

kayla said...

oh my, oh my!! The wait was worth it! I just love the picture of Lilah's toe...don't ask me just brings up some nostalgic feelings! And you have me laughing out loud at your funny little comentary!! The fake crock comments just make me laugh so hard! I swear, you missed your calling in ARE a comedian! Love you guys.

LsuFan said...

It's about dang time there was an update I was really starting to feel left out in the wild somewhere not knowing what was going on!! I really cannot believe that Lilah is chewing on the furniture of course umm I think it is kind of funny hahaha!! Love the new hockey gear McG!! And Lilah is getting so much cuter as if that is possible she is the cutest little girl out there!! love yall!

Nancy Booth said...

Welcome back, as if I knew you were gone. I left my LazyBoy chair to sit on this hard computer chair to see all the blogs and they are all worth the pain. You and Kayla say the cutest things. I can't believe Lilah has chewed up that table that bad. She's done some teeth work since we were down there last time. You might as well have termites and that crying 'cause ya'll took her off the stairs, well, I cried one time when I was taken off the stairs too (I fell off). I love McG's new hockey gear. It'll all pay off when he gets famous and buys ya'll that mansion of the hill. I love these pictures. Keep it up.

Nancy Booth said...

Oh yes, I loooooove dad's tool box, McGwire. What a good job you did. I'm so proud of you.