Monday, June 2, 2008

Thank You Grandma!!!!!!

Tim's mom came last weekend bearing gifts, as usual!! haha This time she really outdid herself. She made Lilah, McGwire and Tim quilts. They are absolutely beautiful. McGwire seems to finally be favoring his new quilt over the old ragged "blanky" that I made him years ago.
Here's Tim's quilt~

Here's Mac's quilt~ (He's pretending to be asleep)

Here's Lilah's quilt~

And lastly here's the back side of Tim's quilt and McG trying to be funny by picking his nose~

Thank you Grandma!!! We love you!!!!


Nancy Booth said...

Wow! How lucky ya'll are to have such a talented mother and mother-in-law and grandmother. She does great work. The quilts are beautiful. I hope McG doesn't get a bugger on one of them.haha Beautiful work.

Anonymous said...

just so you folks know, Kelly will also be getting a quilt!!

LsuFan said...

Those are so nice....Ive got one for Lilah that i am STILL working on by the time I finally get it done im going to need to make a bigger one for her lol!!

kayla said...

Ahhhh, I wish I could make a quilt! That is awesome! I love the colors in McG's quilt! And do I see a beginning "B" collection! Where did you find it?