Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hockey Highlights

The spring season of hockey ended 2 weeks ago but we had the party this past Thursday. They had a "players against Dad's" game (the players won!! GO RANGERS!!) ate pizza and cupcakes and then gave out trophy's! Now he has 2 hockey trophy's. This is the big time, folks!

Here's the big guy humbly accepting his trophy~

And here he is not-so-humbly flaunting his trophy~

McGwire had hockey camp this week..they didn't even give us parents a chance to get tired of our kids before they started camp. Now I have the WHOLE summer to entertain him!! He had a great time, though. He was one of the youngest kids there and only one of 4 goalies in the whole camp. His goalie coach was impressed with how good he is having only played less than 6 months.

Look at how hot and sweaty he is. Trust me when I say that he smelled as hot and sweaty as he looked!! RIPE!! It may have something to do with the fact that he wore that jersey every single day to camp without me washing it even once!?!?!?!

Now...on to me and my accomplishments!!!! Take a looksy at my amazing handiwork. Here is the second dress that I made Lilah. Pay no attention to the cute white ruffle at the bottom of the dress. Bev did that. Just focus on everything else!! haha


Nancy Booth said...

Congratulations McGwire. I am so proud of you. I love to watch him play hockey. He looks so professional too. Very proud "Picky". And the dress you made Lilah is great. What ruffle? Oh, you mean that last pic? Yes, I was just looking at above the knee but I do see that nice ruffle now. Looks great. You and Bev did a good job. Thanks for helping Kelly do something I couldn't help her with.

kayla said...

Go McGwire!! What a sport stud he is! You better have Tim build you a trophy cabinet now as I suspect McG will need it!
And,'ve got some mad sewing skills! Rock on.