Monday, June 16, 2008

A week of visits

Tim's family visited several weeks ago, then my parents came down last week and finally my brother and his 2 girls (along with their friends) came down last night. Won't everybody just stay home already???? ;)

We certainly didn't do too much when my parents came. 'Mostly just swam and watched McG's hockey practice. Jeff and the girls only spent one night (unless he decides to stay tonight after a hard day at Six Flags) and will spend the rest of his visit w/ mom and dad.

Grampy did a whole 'lotta of this:

Picky did a whole 'lotta this:

Mac jammed to Linkin Park:

Gramps jammed to Elton John (if that's possible):

Lilah showed off her chubby tummy:

And Uncle Jeff took all of the kids to Six Flags:

Bailey (left) and her friend Casey

Emily and Mac


jillybean said...

I cannot believe that I see LILAH'S TUMMY in a TWO PIECE bathing suit!!
Oh, my, my, my.

On to other things . . . I am sure Mc LOVED goint to Six Flags with all of those girls!! Mac-Daddy!
You might just have to have "The Talk" after that. ;)

kayla said...

LOVE,LOVE, LOVE...the picture of your Dad sleeping!! He reminds me of someone here!!! And I swear, can Lilah be any cuter? She is just so adorable! I just love her little face so much! Did McG have fun with his cousins? Looks like it!

LsuFan said...

Looks like yall had alot of fun!! And Lilah sure looks cute in that little 2 piece!!

Nancy Booth said...

Lilah is such a little doll even if her tummy does come in rolls. She'll swim that off. She sure loves the water. Glad you got pics of the Six Flag bunch. I guess Jeff wasn't in a picture mood, huh?