Tuesday, December 16, 2008


On the 9th day before Christmas while most normal people are rushing around buying and wrapping presents,

we are just putting decorations on our Christmas tree.

Meanwhile, our presents are bought and wrapped and still sitting on the dining room table, thank you very much!

One of my little projects this year was to make photo frames for the kids. I was lucky enough to find 10 years worth of Christmas pictures for McG. I had to do a lot of digging, though.

Oh yeah, baby!! Let me throw this one in!!

Ok, back to the picture ornaments... I was amazed at how much Lilah has changed in a year. Of course she was an infant a year ago but I can barely remember her looking like this!


Now she's just a MONKEY!

Anywho...McG wanted me to show off his milk mustache to everyone.

Merry Christmas! I hope, by now, that your tree is up and decorated and your gifts are under the tree and not on a table somewhere!


jill said...

That tree looks awesome. Your ornaments rock.
I cannot believe how much Lilah has changed! That is an amazing transformation - she looks like a little lady in that most recent photo of her.
McG - what a hoot. He needs to be in comedy as a career. :)
Good idea to put the gate around the tree - that thing is handy, huh?

Katherine said...

Little Birdies...your tree is gorgeous! I love the child-keep-a-way gate the most ;)

kayla said...

How awesome! I love the picture frame idea...what memories for the kids! It's amazing to see Lilah all grown up! They grow up way too stinking fast. But, she sure is the cutest little monkey around!
And, you should make a fake "milk" add for McGwire...I'm sure he would love it!

Jensen Fam said...

I love the baby gate! That is awesome. We just have a definite line on our tree - the upper half is overflowing with cheer and the bottom is bare. Hope you guys had a great Christmas!

Nancy Booth said...

I see the fence but I still see Lilah standing, waiting for a chance to get all up in it. Love McG's mustache. Tell him that's the color it gets when he's grampy's age.

Anonymous said...

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