Monday, December 8, 2008

Last of the Mobile pictures. I PROMISE!

We took the boys out to dinner the night before we left. They looked good in their uni's. I hardly recognized Brannon in a white shirt. haha

Leave it to me to botch an important photo. At least it's a pretty good picture of mom's left eye.

That's better!

Hmmmm. Let's see....what's the most expensive thing on the menu?

Back at the 'ol homestead. Emily in her pensive mode.

A very rare sighting of Bailey. She did come out of hiding to eat 2...sometimes 3 times a day.

These two dufus' get along like peas and carrots.

I think Lilah is excited about the dog in this pic. She absolutely lit up whenever that dog was around!

Joel, behold your son!
What. up?
He definately loves the camera and has "the pose" down pat!

Lilah in those darned glasses of Brannons.

And the first shall be last!
We sure did enjoy seeing everyone and spending time with the boys...and Emily! haha


Nancy Booth said...

I love them and the day 2 also. Was a lot of fun with the family, especially after not seeing the boys in eons. Thanks Kelly.

Scott, Melinda, and the boys said...

Hey Kelly, I just left you a response on the comment you left on our blog... does that make sense? Wow! What a surprise. It's getting late, I just wanted to say "hey" back at ya. I haven't really studdied who's kids were who's in your pictures but I can tell at least one or two are Joel's. Tell your 2 Brothers I said "Hey!". We saw your folks a few months ago, are they moving back to Mobile soon? It was great hearing from you. Hope to keep in touch.

kayla said...


Great pictures. Thank you for publishing them. They both have a good sense of humor, don't they? I sure do miss everyone.