Monday, December 8, 2008

Mobile trip day 2: The lost photo's

Mom and dad bought $100 worth of BBQ ribs the first day we were there. We ate off those ribs for about 3 days. I'm still scraping ribs from between my teeth today! Kyle is seen here sucking on some ribs!! Poor Brannon wouldn't eat any after the first day because they hurt his braces so bad!

Uncle Jeff and Lilah.

Picky...I mean Grammy and Kyle!

Brannon and Grammy/Grampy.

Lilah loved being around her cousins. They were so good to her. I paid Kyle to babysit her one day just so I wouldn't have to chase her around so much.Poor McG was really bummed when he found out his missed seeing the boys!

This is just about all Bailey did while we were there. Sleep! Notice her cell phone on the pillow next to her?

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