Sunday, November 15, 2009

Coupon King

Tim started couponing again a few months ago. I haven't posted anything about it because I am trying to block out all of the stacks and stacks of coupons out of my mind. I am grateful, though because it really is helping us stock up on some food storage.

Yesterday, he spent $24 but got over $200 worth of groceries.


Here's the VERY long reciept!

Mac is monitoring the 50 cans of frosting that Tim paid nothing for and I have yet to find a home for.

No, this is NOT the grocery store. This is our A1 marinade isle.
They were free, too. In fact, they actually gave tim $22 back on this transaction.

I think these were 20c per box.

65 bags of vegetables at 19c a piece.

Got milk???
Yep!!! 55 cans of free evaporated milk.

Too many boxes of pancake mix to count. This is all I could store in the pantry. The rest are in our hall closet. I gave some away and Tim was not a bit happy about it!
They were 15c a box.

About 30 or more boxes of 10c cookie mix of which I gave away NONE! haha

Free noodles!

About 50 or more boxes of rice that were 8 or 9c.

Free tuna!

Btw, he didn't get all of this in one day. These are things we've aquired over the past several weeks. I didn't get a picture of the tons of yogurt and boxes and boxes of pop tarts that everyone got sick of eating! haha Oh yeah, hopefully I won't have to buy anymore babywipes before Lilah is pottytrained. Those were free as well. And lastly, Tim reminded me to mention the free toothpaste and 5c toothbrushes too.
Here's to free (and really , really cheap) food!


Bev said...

Tim puts Rex to shame. Kelly, I really can sympathize with you. From experience put the pancake mix in the fridge or freezer because bugs will get in it within 6 months. If Rex ever came home with all the A1 or frosting i would have to take the tomahawk he just bought to his head!!!
Don't ask me why he bought a tomahawk, it's to do tomahawking stuff he said. i asked if he was buying a loin cloth to wear while he is doing it!!!

kayla said...

OKAY....ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME????? I just cannot get over is this even possible? I will definitely have to pick Tim's brain about this when we get back to the states...I am just in AWE....seriously. I've said it before and I'll say it again...TIM ROCKS!!

John IV said...

Very good Tim!! I am quite impressed but please share a secret and tell at which store this transaction occured. I'm guessing Publix or Kroger.

The BirdHouse said...

Tim uses for all of the deals. It totally lays everything out for you. Most deals are from Kroger/publix but a few at walmart too. Also, A friend of his from work's wife (did that make any sense?) throws newspapers and she saves all of the ads for tim. So, while most people have 1-2 coupons, we have 50-100 coupons. That's why we are able to get them in bulk. I'll take a pic of his coupon tables in the garage and then you'll see why my OCD is working overtime! haha