Thursday, November 19, 2009

mini vaca at C*allaway Gardens

Tim had a work meeting at C*allaway Gardens earlier this week and since we missed his meeting at the beach last month, we decided to go with him this time. We stayed in a really nice lodge on the site for free which made it even more nice! haha
Tim was in meetings in the mornings so we just layed around watching cable tv (a true luxury for us) and visited a few features around the gardens while we waited for him to join us.
Lilah was obviously excited about going swimming in the heated pool.

"Here Daddy, kiss my horse."

The hot tub was nice and warm.

We had the pool all to ourselves all 3 times we swam.

I wanted to get a pic of Mac in full flight but snapped the camera too soon, although technically both of his feet are off of the ground.

Lilah wanted to jump too.

She just hates the camera.

Tim got her to say "cheese" in this picture but she still wouldn't look my way!

McG wanted me to get a good splash picture!

I'll post more pictures of our trip tomorrow.

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kayla said...

Great vacation pics! The pool looks awesome and so do the kids! Lilah cracks me up...she is so cute!